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Nigeria, Lagos, Surulere,
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Saturday, January 4, 2020 3:37:56 PM Mountain Standard Time
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-Negative anion comprises of biomagnetism, far infrared and anion.

*Eliminates menstrual cramps.

*It relieves stress. Enhances immune system.

*Promotes blood circulations.

*Eliminates odour.

*It Preserves health.

*Promotes oxygen supply to the womb. Anti-inflammatory. Anti-bacterial. -Purifies the blood by increasing alkalinity and balancing the ratio of certain minerals in the blood. Improves endocrine function . It kills 99.9% bacteria through the built-in negative anion strip. It energizes and helps shrink tumors. Promotes metabolism. prevents cervical cancer. Eliminates heavy metals, poisons and carcinogenic materials from our bodies.

Suitable for both Male and Female.

Anion Pantiliners have four (4) layers: the 1st layer- Ultra fine soft cotton surface for maximum comfort and absorbency;

the 2nd layer- A unique patented Anion strip which may help counteract bacteria and promote healthy menstruation; the 3rd layer- is of super soft and absorbent cotton;

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