Nigeria, Lagos, Ikeja,
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Thursday, July 4, 2019 1:01:15 PM Mountain Daylight Time
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*SUPERDOSE is 100% a natural medicine manufactured with fruits, roots and herbs grown here in Nigeria. Several years before it was sold in the open market, Superdose went through rigorous laboratory and clinical tests. One of the reputable organisation that certified the medicine good was international market was PRODA, - The Projects Development Institute (PRODA) Enugu
established in1970. This is one of the foremost research
Institutes under the Federal Ministry of Science
and Technology (FMST) and wholly owned by the
Federal Government of Nigeria.Established with
the Motto'Industrialization through self Reliance
with the aim of catalyzing Industrialixation by
carrying out cognate applied research from
laboratory to pilot plant/production prototype
stages in diverse areas- Science,Ceramics.Energy
and Engineering. PRODA certified Superdose along with NAFDAC approval several years ago. Today, we have in our hands a herbal medicine that outclass or compete favourably with those from China, India, USA etc. * Superdose - One Product, Multiple Remedies*


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