Nothing helps your item sell like showing it off in its best light. Here’s how to take photos that will make your listing pop. Grab your phone and snap to it!

We’ve been through how to make a great Nglisting ad, but after optimizing your description and doing your research, what can you do to make buyers desperate for your item? Great photos! Nothing sells an item like a great photograph that really showcases what an awesome find it is. Here are some tips to make sure your pictures are the best they can be:

Stage your items

You know how in catalogs or store windows, items are placed artfully together in order to create a picture or idea? Pair your item with things that create an aspirational aesthetic – for instance, take a picture of your item when full of lit candles, as a centerpiece on a fully set table, ready for a holiday. Take time to set up your patio set outside rather than snapping a picture of it sitting in the corner of the garage. Include a picture of your item in action while someone is using it, rather than just stationary sitting. Look through catalogs for some great ideas on how to best display your items.

Don’t show clutter

Make sure your item pops by ensuring that there is no dirt, dust, or unrelated clutter in the picture that distracts from your item. Understand the difference between clutter and items carefully picked for how they set each other off. This especially applies if you are creating a real estate listing. Clutter will distract buyers.

Feature all the angles

Capture any interesting features from multiple angles, and be sure to include a picture that clearly shows flaws. You want to show your item in the best possible way, but you shouldn’t misrepresent it, as this will cost you time and money later on when buyers are unpleasantly surprised in person.

Use daylight and/or a high quality flash

Natural light will make your items look much more attractive. Spend some time getting the lighting right and it will pay off with higher quality, clearer photos, and much more interest in your item.

Make it fun!

Maybe you add personality by setting up a doll tea party in a dollhouse for sale, showing some burgers, steaks and pineapple on the BBQ you’re selling, or any detail that might make a viewer of your ad smile. Not only will the ad get more attention, but people will be more drawn to dealing with you as a seller if you can show that you have a fun personality and a sense of humour. Ads that are well crafted and have some thought put into making them fun often sell for better prices than ads that have been made in haste.

Now you know what to do, so get your camera ready because it’s time for action. Go take some great photos of your item and get selling on Nglisting today.

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