At the beginning of the year, I dished out a lot of money for a gym membership. With the exception of a few times I went, because of my “resolutions”, I have barely gone.

According to a recent study*, most people spend a lot of money for a gym membership, and I’m going to venture to guess that many of those people also fall into the “never use it” category!

Here’s the thing, I prefer to workout in the mornings, but since I’m often on solo school-drop-off duty in the a.m., there’s no chance of slipping out early to pump iron a la Arnold Schwarzenegger. So, I recently decided that if I can’t get to the gym, why not bring the gym to me?

Now that my boys are edging towards “tween” status, they’ve completely outgrown what was once their toy-filled (and often cluttered) playroom. Subsequently, the playroom has sat unused for about as long my unused gym membership – and the barely used furniture, electronics, and toys were simply taking up space!

I devised a plan to transform the playroom into a home gym by posting and selling the majority of the contents and then put all earnings towards buying second-hand furnishings and gym equipment’s,

I’ve had great success in the past selling my items quickly online, and knowing that the average Nigerians earns #50,000 per year from selling in the second-hand economy, I was confident that I could create my own workout space for a fraction of what my membership cost.

I’m thrilled with how my new fantastically-fit-and-frugal space turned out, but the only downside is that now I’m fresh out of excuses for NOT working out!


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