You know that your products are great, but they’re not selling. There are no emails or phone calls about any of your ads. You’re wondering if you should delete them today.

It could very well be one of these 5 reasons your products aren’t selling.


Selling online is one of the hardest places to sell a product. You need to rely on visual impact when a buyer finds your listing. Think about your favorite online shop. Would you add things to your cart without product photos? The majority of online sale ads can be grouped as listings with photos, no photos or terrible photos. Most of us will bypass the listings with no photos or unappealing shots. Consider the photos you are using. Are they blurry, upside down or not very well lit? If it’s hard to appreciate the quality of what you’re selling through the picture, it’s probably worth taking a day to re-do product photos.


Make sure you are putting your product in the right category. Your baby items might be in the electronics. Don’t rely on buyers doing a search for your items. Many people like to search by category and view what’s newly listed. Also, make sure you’re posting things in the selling section and not the wanted section. You might be surprised to see how many sellers make this mistake.

Weak Title and Description

You’ll find listings with titles and descriptions using one word or sentence, which won’t help you. Buyers use the Nglisting search bar for specific items. Strong keywords might show up on Google when buyers are doing a local search for a product. Use this knowledge to your advantage when filling out the title and description. The title should include the item, size, brand and condition. Emphasize a strong selling feature in caps, such as “NEW” at the beginning of a listing’s title.

Right off the bat a description should give all the details a buyer needs to know. People don’t have time to continually message a seller for information. Think about what makes you buy something on impulse. What did you last purchase online? What caught your attention in the item’s description? What finally convinced you to buy? These are questions that can help you decide what needs to be in your description.

Contact Information

There are ads where sellers specifically state in their description “I don’t respond to any emails.” You are leaving money on the table if you do this. Some people prefer email over calling a stranger. There are also potential buyers who will email from work and can’t phone until the evening. A great sale ad will have a seller who encourages buyers to contact them by email and telephone. A small tip would be a quick note at the bottom of your description like “I check my emails often and respond within 24 hours.” This lets buyers know you’re serious about selling your products.

Lack of Communication

Sellers should respond to each message within a certain timeframe. You’ll lose the buyer’s interest very quickly if you wait for the weekend to respond. Don’t wait for the best price before offering it to the next person. Selling online can be a hit and miss. There are interested buyers who end up being a no show. Then you’re left with the product and no back up list of buyers.

Take a day to re-do your sale listings with the above in mind. You’ll find a big difference in your ads by updating photos and tweaking descriptions. Keep an eye on your ads to see what’s working.

It also helps to take down the listing once it is sold! Hate getting the email asking if your sold item is still available? You can simply put, “If the ad is up the item is still available!”


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